Our Story

Creativity! Enthusiasm! Energy! Fun!

These are the words that describe our “work” here at Whole Steps.  As you drive onto our property, you will find a cozy, little white house decorated with music notes, bright colors, and a welcoming energy.  Upon opening the door, you will step into our creative space - full of art, music, movement, and innovation.  This is a place for kids to be kids - creators to create!

Our therapeutic programs are the heart of our business. Jillian Mehler, MM, MT-BC, founded Whole Steps in 2005 with the purpose of assisting children with Autism Spectrum Disorders through music therapy.  Jillian graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in music therapy from Charleston Southern University and a Master's Degree in music therapy from the University of Miami.  She also has additional certifications in Neurologic Music Therapy, Ready Bodies Learning Minds, and several other sensory and academic programs.   Our creative programs have flourished and we now offer music and art programs for ALL children. 

After a day full of music lessons and music therapy sessions, our staff is busy planning creative Winter, Spring, and Summer Camps.  These camps are NEXT LEVEL! Music, art, outdoor time (did you know we have a gated backyard?), yoga, dance, water play are always on the schedule for camp. In fact, we host camp every time that school is closed - we bring the fun on Teacher’s Planning Days!

So welcome to Whole Steps - our creative arts center! Find your fun in music lessons, group classes, yoga, camp, or our monthly creative parties.  We are just so glad you are here.